CIPP (cured in place pipe)

The CIPP method is mainly used for renovating gravity pipelines. Excavation is not always needed (although it may be necessary for diameters over 600 mm), and the diameter of the existing pipeline practically does not decrease.

The CIPP method is used for renovating both house service lines and main pipelines.

The term CIPP is an abbreviation of "cured in place pipe". This phrase summarizes the principle of the CIPP method. A liner is inserted into the existing pipeline, which is either impregnated with resin on site or is a factory-made felt or fiberglass liner. After inserting the liner, it is heated (using water, steam, or UV light), which triggers a chemical reaction between the resin and hardener and causes the liner to harden, creating a new pipe within the old one.

Nordig OÜ's equipment park includes a steam unit for relining pipes up to DN250 and a UV unit for relining pipes up to DN600.

In collaboration with partners, we also carry out the renovation of large-diameter pipelines using the CIPP method.

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