Renovation of pipelines with no-dig method

We are, reliable, and flexible partner for our clients. Nordig OÜ's main clients are pipeline construction companies, general contractors, and water companies.


Extensive experience

Over 15 years of experience in carrying out no-dig projects.

Reliable partner

We consult in finding the best possible solution. We use high-quality materials.


We are open minded and constantly develop the range of services we offer.

About us

Nordig OÜ is a construction company based 100% on Estonian private capital, founded in November 2012. Our goal as a company is to provide modern "no-dig" technologies and be a reliable partner to our clients.

We mainly focus on the renovation of external pipelines using no-dig technologies, as well as pipeline maintenance, including video inspections and cleaning (high-pressure washing, mechanical cleaning, etc.). If necessary, we involve partners from both Estonia and abroad to carry out projects.

Our services

Rental equipment
We rent various devices for pipeline construction work, such as butt welding machines (DN75-250...
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Pipeline Inspection with camera ( CCTV inspection)
In the assessment of the condition of gravity flow pipelines, camera inspections also play an important role. Every pipeline owner...
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Pipeline cleaning - milling robots and RCM machine cleaning
Over time, deposits can form in sewage pipes, obstructing their functionality. We offer mechanical cleaning of sewage pipes...
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Short liner sectional repair
If infiltration is detected in sewer pipes during camera inspections at connection points (couplings) or at cross/longitudinal cracks...
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When it is possible to reduce the diameter of the existing pipeline we use the sliplining method for the renovation of...
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Short pipe lining
The short pipe lining method is used for the renovation of gravity pipelines. This method reduces the diameter...
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CIPP (cured in place pipe)
The CIPP method is mainly used for renovating gravity pipelines. Excavation is not always needed (although it...
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Manhole renovation
When renovating pipelines using no-dig methods, it is reasonable to also renovate manholes to ensure the entire system is...
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The bursting method is used for the renovation of gravity pipelines (sewage) and pressure pipelines (water, gas, sewage) as well as...
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