The bursting method is used for the renovation of gravity pipelines (sewage) and pressure pipelines (water, gas, sewage) as well as cable sleeve pipes. In the renovation process, a PE pipe is attached to a crushing head that is pulled through the pipe being renovated using special rods. The reconstructed pipeline has the same diameter as the worn-out pipeline or a diameter one size larger.

For the renovation a starting pit is needed for the installation of the device and a finishing pit for pulling the new pipe. With this method, the depth of the existing pipe installation is not important; it is only necessary to provide support for the excavation and pump out groundwater (and in the case of sewage pipelines, wastewater).

Nordig OÜ has a Pipeburster T-70 bursting device in its equipment park, which allows for pipeline renovation on diameters ranging from 80-350 mm.

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